KVK situated in the district headquarters
Linkages with all District level state Govt. Departments
Provision of improved and scientifically maintained demo units
Provision of training hall for small group interaction
Regular up-gradation of knowledge and skills through training, OFTs and FLDs
Refinement and popularization
Only 100 km from OUAT and ICAR institutes located at Bhubaneswar
Irregular, insufficient power supply
Inadequate staff strength to cover entire district, absence of faculty on all disciplines
Lack of skilled labour
Inadequate market linkage and tie ups with small scale industries for entrepreneurship development
Inadequate infrastructure facility
No field staff to support farm manager
Tap traditional wisdom of farmers and integrate it with latest technologies
KVK may take lead step to provide additional marketing facilities and fetch remunerative prices to farmers through
Establishment of sale centres
Scope for establishment of demo units on value addition
Scope for establishment of commercial nursery
Scope for development of pond based IFS unit
Crop damage due to natural calamities
Sudden outbreak of pests and diseases
Poor purchasing power of the farmers
Introduction of new varieties and pesticides by private agencies
Increasing costs of agricultural inputs